The Death of an Old Friend


Chances are you’ve been using XP for a LONG time. It’s been out since 2001, and has become the mainstay of many businesses and households. The problem is, it’s a senior citizen in the world of technology. Starting in early 2014, Microsoft will no longer support XP as a platform – meaning, they are no longer releasing security fixes, patches, or updates for it. Why? Well, XP is now several generations behind in terms of technology and features, and it’s hard to support XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 all at the same time. They have to draw the line somewhere. Apple does the same thing when they release newer versions of their hardware, they just do it in a much smaller timeframe.

You may say it doesn’t matter and you still want to use XP, but you would be putting yourself, your data, maybe your online banking and computers in your organization at risk. All it takes is one compromised computer to take out an entire infrastructure of computers. Read the below story from Omega Uniform Systems. Phil is their IT guy and he sent them a message previous to this telling them about the new, nasty piece of malware running around called “ransomware”, with the name “CryptoLocker”.

Hi All, Please read Phil’s message below. One week after he sent us this message, Omega’s main computer was hit by “CryptoLocker”, the files were kidnapped and the virus spread throughout our whole network wiping out all of our computers. We did not spend the $300 to get the key because we did have one clean backup version of our files.
However, 2 days of our computers being down, 2 days of IT expenses to reinstate everything came at a cost as well. Probably more of a cost… but at least we will not be “forever known as a target for ransom attacks”. However, it has made us upgrade all of our security, add a second offsite backup and update all other programs, like Adobe because their updates include security improvements within the program. The infected file was an email that looked like a resume from LinkedIn – harmless right? It wasn’t.


Your options are vast – don’t worry! Some of them aren’t even expensive. We can get you on a new system or in some cases just upgrade your old systems at a very minimal cost. Gone are the days of needing to spending $1500 for a new computer, we now have options that start at around $230 – a fit for almost any budget. Scared of Windows 7 or Windows 8? Don’t be. It’s here to stay and once you use it for a few days you’ll notice the speed benefits, and the changes aren’t actually so bad. Just give us a call, we’re happy to help.

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