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Gadgets – December



Lenovo has just announced the release of their newest ultrabook-tablet hybrid, the Yoga 2 Pro. It’s a PC, it’s a tablet, it’s a powerhouse, and it does backflips for you. We recently had a customer rave about their first generation Yoga, and this new one builds on that with a thinner, lighter model that has double the resolution of the original (think about the ipad retina but on steroids), and a whopping 9 hours on battery under full use. It’s available starting now and comes with Windows 8.1.


The iPad lineup has just been refreshed too. Look for a new version called the iPad Air – lighter and thinner than before, and sporting a faster processor. Probably nothing to “wow” you compared to the older versions, but it also has a better camera, second microphone, and it still lets you use all of your old apps. Plus you can now get iLife and iWorks for free.